Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The Edgeryders website and its community websites are authored by its contributors and maintained by Edgeryders OÜ. This page acts as a single point of entry for information about: legal status of Edgeryders OÜ; licensing and privacy; data protection; data retention; third-party applications and other boilerplate stuff.

Edgeryders OÜ (“Edgeryders”, “us” or “we”) understands that your privacy is important to you. Edgeryders is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personally-identifiable information, being any information that is capable of identifying you as an individual person, as you use this Site and the Edgeryders Community Platform. The scope of Edgeryders’ commitment is described in this Privacy Policy. By submitting personally-identifiable information, you consent to Edgeryders’ use of such personally-identifiable information as described herein. Please see our terms of use for more information about our on-line terms and policies in general.


1. Company information

2. Disclaimer

3. Content licensing

4. Name and logo use

5. Shared ownership of community projects

6. Privacy policy

7. Consent; Changes to this document

1. Company information

Company name Edgeryders OÜ
Place of registration Estonia
Company number, Tax ID 14213857
VAT ID EE101972833
E-Mail address contact@edgeryders.eu
Registered address Pärnu mnt 158/2-88, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia

Since Edgeryders is a transnational company by nature, we use our registered address for regulatory purposes only. If you want to send physical letters, documents or items, do not use this address as they will be discarded by the operators of the registry. Please request a mailing address from the concerned member of Edgeryders OÜ directly.

For more information about the company, see the company manual, section “1. Company information”.

2. Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in this website and all websites maintained by Edgeryders, are the responsibility of their author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Edgeryders OÜ as a company, its management board members, or that of organisations cooperating with it.

3. Content licensing

3.1. Licensing of single contributions

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This applies to both content by Edgeryders as a company and third-party content.

By posting on this site, visitors agree to grant a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to the rest of the world for their submissions under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This licence grant applies to all submissions, both textual submissions in forms and to files uploaded to our servers, including images. For uploaded files however, users may alternatively choose to apply one of the following:

For the avoidance of doubt, caching of this site is permitted by a service provider acting in the normal course of its business as provided for in the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002.

3.2. Licensing of the whole database

You are not permitted to download the whole Edgeryders database. The aggregate data on this Edgeryders.eu site is protected by the Council of the European Union Directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996. Edgeryders data may not be extracted either in full or in part without express written consent of Edgeryders. Researchers who want access, please contact us.

3.3. Credits for third-party content

4. Name and logo use

The Edgeryders name and branding is stewarded by Edgeryders OÜ, the not-for-profit organisation sustainaing the community platform and other parts of our community infrastructure.

If you wish to partner with, or in any other way, associate your professional activities with Edgeryders, do not hesistate to approach us about this. After a chat to better understand your initiative/how you would like to make use of the Edgeryders brand or organisation, we will ask you to sign a Memorandum of Understanding which lays out the mutual expectations and obligations connected to use of the Edgeryders name and branding.

You can only use the Edgeryders name or logo for business purposes if you are working with Edgeryders OÜ (have a valid contract or Memorandum of Understanding with the company, signed by the management board).

5. Shared ownership of community projects

“Don’t fight. Fork.”

Oftentimes it happens that projects showcased on Edgeryders gain new partners, extra resources and new directions. Edgeryders OÜ might itself decide that it wants to partner up with them. If this happens to your project, the usual rules of communally developed initiatives apply: acknowledge the help you get, be mindful of the goals and feelings of those helping you, maintain a clear social contract with them. We recommend preserving and honouring the freedom to fork: if a group, or community, cannot agree anymore on where to go, the dissidents are encouraged to fork and make their own iteration of the project rather than fight for control of the original one. Forks should be named so as to be clearly distinguishable from the original branch.

6. Privacy policy

6.1. What personally-identifiable information is collected?

In order to provide the service, Edgeryders stores one piece of your personal data: your e-mail address. Edgeryders, acting as host of the platform, processes it when you sign in on the platform. This is done to enable communication with you (including e-mail notification of updates in the discussions in which you participate). These data are not shared with anyone, and are not kept if you decide to leave Edgeryders. If you would rather keep your email address private, we recommend registering to Edgeryders via a one-time email address. Services such as GuerrillaMail will provide one for free.

You can (and should, because it looks nicer) beautify your Edgeryders profile with a username and an avatar. You are welcome to use (or not) your real name as username and your real picture as avatar. We don’t care, and we will never check.

You have the right to request information on the personal data concerning you that we store, and you have the right to request its correction or deletion. To do so, write to contact@edgeryders.eu

Please be aware that Edgeryders.eu is a public space where you are responsible for what you post: if you are unsure as to whether it is legal or appropriate to post something, please don’t. Also we ask that you are mindful and protective of your fellow Edgeryders, especially the younger members. If you notice unpleasant or inappropriate behaviour (read: trolling or creepiness) please alert the Edgeryders team by emailing us at: community@edgeryders.eu.

6.2. How may Edgeryders use my personally-identifiable information?

Edgeryders uses your personally-identifiable information to fulfill your requests for information, publish your posts or comments and attribute them to you as their author, process your requests to participate in conferences and events, evaluate any job applications to the Edgeryders company, recruit personnel, distribute newsletters and alerts to you, personalize content that you view or receive, evaluate and improve our services, and for such other purposes as you may initiate or request. We may keep any of your personally-identifiable information on file and use it to contact you. NB: we keep a spam-free, opt in only, policy for our newsletters.

6.3. Who can you talk to about data protection?

Matthias Ansorg (matthias@edgeryders.eu) is in charge of data protection.

6.4. Cookies

What are “cookies” used for on this website? To administer our website and for research purposes, Edgeryders has also contracted with third parties (Google Analytics) to track and analyze anonymous usage and volume statistical information from our visitors and members. Such information is shared externally only on an anonymous, aggregated basis. They use persistent cookies to help us to improve the visitor experience, manage our site content, and track visitor behavior.

Edgeryders currently also uses MailChimp to send e-mail to people who have subscribed to our newsletters. To help measure and improve the effectiveness of our e-mail communications, we assume that they set cookies. All data collected by MailChimp and Google on behalf of Edgeryders is used solely by or on behalf of Edgeryders and is shared externally only on an anonymous, aggregated basis. We are slowly migrating away from third party services.

We don’t seek to collect your personal information, and, where we do collect it, we strive to anonymize your personal information as soon as practicable.

6.5. Mobile applications

In the case that we make applications connection available for mobile devices, Edgeryders may use third-party services to track and analyse user activity in order to fix errors, monitor usage, and improve the performance of the applications. However, this will not happen without a community discussion and consensus around safety guidelines we feel we can stand for.

6.6. Newsletters and alerts

By registering with recurring newsletters or notifications, you agree to receive on occasion other correspondence from Edgeryders related to the subscribed newsletters and other Edgeryders news and information that you consented to receive during registration.

We ask for your e-mail address at registration. We will send e-mails to this address to confirm your registration, to provide newsletters or notification and to contact you for any other reason. In addition, we may contact you regarding your account status. If you sign up to receive any of our newsletters, alerts, or surveys, you may on occasion receive other correspondence from Edgeryders. Your e-mail address will not be shared with any third party other than MailChimp which we use to send e-mails on our behalf.

6.7. Is personally-identifiable information disclosed to third parties?

Edgeryders does not intentionally disclose or transfer (and takes reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorized or accidental disclosure of) your personally-identifiable information to third parties without your consent, whether for such third parties’ marketing purposes or otherwise. When we use third party services like MailChimp, we check to the best of our ability that they commit to maintain the confidentiality of your information including email addresses, and that they provide an acceptable level of data security.

6.8. Surveys

If you participate in a survey, all of our research results are reported as totals or in other aggregated form, and no information about you as an individual respondent is made public.

6.9. User forums

Whenever you publicly disclose information on the Internet, there is always a risk that the information is collected and used by others. Edgeryders is not responsible for any action or policies of any third parties who collect information that users publicly disclose on any of the websites we maintain.

6.10. Links to third-party sites

Edgeryders may provide links to third-party websites or information as a service to our community and users of our websites. If you use these links, you will leave the sites we maintain. The links do not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by Edgeryders of the third party, the third party website, or the information contained on them. Edgeryders is never responsible or liable for your use of the third party sites or the information on them. When you use third-party sites or services, then it is not our terms of use and privacy policies that are applicable, but those provided by the organisations running the third-party sites and services.

6.11. How can I access, change, and/or delete information?

To access, correct, update, and/or delete any personally-identifiable information that you submit to Edgeryders please either follow instructions on the page of the Site on which you have provided the information or contact us at community@edgeryders.eu above. To unsubscribe from mailing lists you follow instructions provided in the newsletters themselves.

6.12. Security

We use good practice measures to secure your privacy. This especially means that all your connections to the edgeryders.eu website are SSL encrypted, and that your passwords are stored in a way that does not allow to transform them back to the original text.

However, in the current technological and legal landscape, we cannot guarantee 100% privacy, esp. not against government actors. So, please consider Edgeryders as a public space for discussion on which you could potentially be identified. Which means, only post law-abiding information and data here, and nothing that could cause you problems in other ways if connected to your identity. For legitimate uses of illegally posting information (for example, whistleblowing), there are other platforms …

6.13. Transborder hosting and transfer of information

The Edgeryders website is hosted and backed up within the European Union only. We do not think that the Safe Harbour agreement between the EU and the United States of America has any value, so we do not transfer the website or backups of its database there. Of course, publicly available parts of the website can be downloaded from anywhere in the world.

6.14. Data Retention Policy

The public content on the edgeryders.eu website is hosted there indefinitely, even after the author deletes their account – because it was published under open content licenses. Other information associated with the account is deleted when you delete your edgeryders.eu account. However note that you can edit your own content after publishing it, and edgeryders.eu will only publish the new version then. Older versions are accessible as revisions, but you can request their deletion.

6.15. Children

The site is not designed for or directed at children 13 years of age or younger, and Edgeryders will not intentionally collect or maintain information about anyone under this age. That said, our community managers maintain friendly, respectful and welcoming environments conducive to mutual support and collaboration. If you notice or suspect any inappropriate behavior please contact community@edgeryders.eu.

7. Consent; Changes to this document

By using this Site and all other sites maintained by Edgeryders, you consent to the collection, use, and storage of your information by us in the manner described in this Privacy Policy and elsewhere on the Site.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from time to time. We will alert you to relevant changes by updating the contents of this page. You can see the full history of changes, including the date of the latest version, by looking at the version history of this page (click the pen icon to the right above the page text area).